BuddyProjects are the perfect way to bridge the gap between domestic and international students. Universities often use buddy projects to connect the two groups and to help incoming international students settle in a new environment more smoothly. Create events, share experiences and exchange culture while making lifelong friendships that span continents!

Big Update Coming Soon

GenSpeak's goal of utilising technology to facilitate face-to-face interactions, not to replace them isn't particularly well suited to a world in the grips of an ongoing pandemic. With this in mind, we thought now might be a good chance to reimagine our BuddyProject Platform.

For admin teams, we are creating a more flexible, feature-based approach. This will allow for greater customisation and the ability to tailor the platform to suit your university or higher education provider's unique needs.

For students and staff, we are updating our current feature set and have begun work on some brand new features we are very excited about. We will be adding new ways to search and connect with others across interests and hobbies alongside launching a new Interest Group feature.

We can't wait to unveil these changes for the start of the 2023 academic year. We will soon be creating a mailing list and will continue to update the website. However, if you just can't wait you can always send an email to the address below.

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